Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why no body wants to stay in villages?

Why no body wants to stay in villages?There is fast migration from the villages to the cities and towns. In fact nobody wants to live in villages. Only those who can not afford or unable to migrate are living in the villages. The situation is becoming worse day after day. But.. nobody appears to be serious to know the reasons behind this.
The quality of life in the villages is pathetic. No infrastucture like road, electricity, medical and even drinking water is available. The most important inputs like irrigation, fertilizers and seeds are available. the cost of agri inputs has become so high that very little margin is left for livelihoods. The farmers feel that it is better to become labourer than farmer.
But all this is not the only factor responsible for migration. The real factor is division of people on the cast creade and on political lines. As a result the atmoshphere is good for survival of the simple persons. There is abundant number of fake cases relating to land and also police cases which runs almost the entire life of the persons. The law and order situation is not good. No body feels safe. The life has become miserable. The people are migrating just to save their lives. The law and order is restored perhaps the people will prefer to stay back in villages notwithstanding their poorness.

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