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Why is Congress opposing the Central Vista project so much? What is the real agenda behind this? Is there a communal card in this too?


Opposition to the Central Vista Project, the real agenda and the game of 


The lust for power of the Gandhi family is well known. Even after having a majority in favor of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru got the Prime Minister's chair due to Gandhiji, thereafter  Nehru did not look back and did whatever he could to maintain the power for next several generations.

Even though Jawaharlal Nehru was a Hindu, there are many question marks, which are the subject of research, but he himself also said that - “I am Englishman by education, Muslim by culture and Hindu merely by accident of birth.”

 In a Hindu-majority country, Nehru was under compulsion to remain a Hindu in order to remain prime minister. Another hidden bitter truth is that he was a leftist at heart and in the pursuit of building his international image, he kept on pretending to be the leader of the Non-Aligned Movement even by standing with the Left Soviet Russia.

During this time he was completely caught up in the international Islamic-Left alliance. Gradually he surrendered India's history and cultural heritage to this alliance, and after Mrs. Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister, it was completely captured by the Islamic Left alliance.

It is not that all this happened by chance or unintentionally, both Nehru and Mrs. Gandhi was well aware of its effects and consequences, but the natural love for the Islamic Left alliance and the politics of Vote Bank forced them to be ignorant  of this happening towards the country. 

Had it not happened, would the history of India have been so distorted? Even after 70 years of independence, the narrative of Sanatan culture would have been so bad? The people who saved their eternal identity even after suffering the terrible atrocities and excesses of the invaders, are now wandering as refugees in their own country to save their lives? Is this not shameful for an independent country?

Due to the policy of appeasement  and vote bank, a conspiracy was hatched not only to convert the buildings built in the Mughal and British Empire into historical monuments / heritage but also to preserve and glorify the symbols of slavery created by destroying Hindu religious places. The then governments made many laws from time to time to make this conspiracy successful and also committed the sin of tying the hands of the majority community of Hindus, who because of law can not even raise voice in a court of law. Not only this, a malicious attempt was made to link these buildings with Islam  and Muslim pride, so that the crop of votes could be harvested for a long time due to Hindu Muslim hatred. This is what the British did in India and their successors  who took power from the British did the same thing.

Congress has its own interests in stopping the Central Vista project, for which various arguments are being given and all the old time tested methods are being used, the most suitable of which is Public Interest Litigation in High Court and Supreme Court. The idea  is to blame the government, delay the project and get free publicity. Apart from this, a lot of propaganda is also being done in social media, electronic and print media.

But there is a very dark side of all this is the propaganda being done at the international level, due to which irreparable damage is being done to the image of the country. Big international media houses are also involved in this campaign, in which false and sensational news is being printed. Since the Prime Minister is Modi, memories of the Gujarat riots will necessarily be refreshed to create a hatred for him, new sensational slogans like Hindu communalism, Hindu extremism, and Hindu Taliban are also being coined and circulated .

Nowadays, the era of toolkits has come, according to which new narratives are being created and if some people decide that no matter how bad India's image at the international level, Modi's image should be bad, then it will happen as it is happening at the moment.

The real agenda behind all these exploits is to somehow capture the power of India, which according to Rahul Gandhi can be found only by tarnishing the image of Modi and which he himself is doing for the last several years.

Therefore, under a well-planned agenda, work is being done broadly on two fronts -

1. To malign the image of Modi at the national and international level so that there is confusion not only in the country but in the whole world that nothing is right in India, everything is going from bad to worse. Whether it is the 

  • Management of corona,

  • Vaccination

  • Central Vista project

  • Farmers movement,

  • State elections or or any other issue of national interest

2. Whatever has to be done for the appeasement of the Muslim community to garner their vote,  even if the country is broken 

Why so much hate for the Central Vista Project?

The Central Vista project is only a small part of this larger conspiracy which has to be raised nationally and internationally to tarnish India and to prove Modi as a staunch Hindu and vehemently anti-Muslim. Look at the sequence of these events -

  • A petition was filed in the Supreme Court against the Central Vista project, but the project was cleared by the Supreme Court.
  • Even after this, a PIL was filed in the Delhi High Court against the continuation of the project in the Corona pandemic. The High Court dismissed the petition for stalling the project, terming it as motivated by malicious intent and said that the Central Vista is an important, and necessary national project. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on the petitioners.
  • After this, a petition has been filed again in the Supreme Court challenging this decision of the High Court.
  • Large-scale sponsored propaganda is being done against the Central Vista Project in social media, electronic media and print media, for which personal attacks are also being made on Prime Minister Modi.

You will be surprised to know that while the the Central Vista project is being opposed on the national horizon on account of  the corona pandemic for spending more financial resources on the pandemic, the reason behind its construction at the international level is Hindu bigotry of  Modi  and his hatred towards Islam is being underlined and publicized. The old Parliament is being promoted as a Muslim inspired historical heritage and the proposed new building as a Hindu memorial. The fact remains that  the old Parliament building is proposed to be saved as a monument and is not being demolished. This project was started by the Congress government itself, which like other important projects remained locked in the files for years.

The story of the Central Vista Project has featured prominently in The Washington Post, New York Times, The Guardian, BBC etc. Everywhere the precise reason of this project being narrated is  Modi's fanatical Hindutva thinking, who wants to drive Islam out of India at any cost and destroy anything related to the Mughals at any cost.

The articles published in the international media  have described the building of the old Parliament House as an Islamic building inspired by the Mughal style, saying that a Hindu Taliban like Modi wants to demolish it because of his hatred of Muslims and wants to construct  a new building which is suitable for Hindus and  looks like a Hindu monument.

For some time now, The Guardian has been publishing sensational articles by an Author of  Indian  origin who is a sculptor by profession and is said to be very close to a major political party of India. You will be surprised to read the titles of some major articles -

  • Modi's bulldozing of parliament shows him as the architect of a Hindu Taliban - The Guardian Jun 2021)

  • Modi the fanatic is using the Coronavirus crisis to destroy India's heritage - The Guardian May 2020

  • India is ruled by Hindu Taliban

Anish Kapoor | The Guardian
Sir Anish Kapoor is a sculptor. Born in India, he studied in Britain and won the Turner prize in 1991. His work has been commissioned and exhibited worldwide

Such articles are usually sponsored and many such articles are  continuously travelling in foreign media. Photos and materials depicting negative images of  India are in demand and are being sold at very high prices in the international market. Reportedly  the photos and materials related to the burning bodies in the crematoriums and the bodies flowing in the Ganges captured by  Barkha Dutt and Rana Ayub are being sold for millions of dollars in countries like America, Australia, Britain and Canada. 

What is all this happening? How many people in India know and understand and think about it?

People are divided all over India on the issues for and against Modi, at least this is what is seen on  social media. The situation in the country is exactly the same as it was at the time of invasion of India by foreign invaders. Due to such a divide , India remained a slave for a thousand years and there was so much   damage to the eternal culture, which will never be possible to repair. Now the situation is worse and if it continues , then in the next 20-30 years the picture of India will be  changed completely. What will happen to all of you and our generations then? Just imagine. 


- Shive Mishra


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Has the BJP decided to change Yogi Adityanath in U.P. ?

Testing Yogi's ability would be suicidal for BJP

Rumours of replacing Chief Minister Yogi in Uttar Pradesh have been in full swing on social media for a few days now. In rumours, everyone has made their own arguments, some have said that the differences between Yogi and Modi are deepening while some said Yogi does not listen to any minister or worker and their style of functioning has become exactly like a dictator. The opposition and the media have cited the death toll across the state during  the second wave of corona as the reason, in support of which they have cited long queues in crematoriums and dead bodies flowing into the Ganga, also claiming that this is all when the Uttar Pradesh government has concealed death figures. Some self-styled and vulture journalists have also worked to oxygenate these rumours, which were broadcasting live from the crematorium until a few days ago and analysing corpses flowing into the Ganges using photoshopped pictures .

  • The opposition also took a dig at the rumours and their workers also participated in the rumour mongering on social media. Nowadays, there are many professional agencies available in respect of  social media to spread lies faster,  obviously who do such things for money, but most surprisingly, foreign media is also very active in the case of U.P. It is no less surprising that the BJP's IT cell, considered the strongest and most aggressive of all political parties in India, could not succeed in containing these unfortunate rumours and responding appropriately.

  • Such propaganda against Yogi is not new. Throughout his tenure, anti-national and anti-social forces have been doing such acts against him, which in itself makes it clear that they have properly evaluated Yogi's strength better than the BJP. 

  • Yogi has done many such things including not allowing communal riots in the state, strict handling of the CAA movement, recovery from those who damage public property, displaying photos of wanted criminals at intersections, putting goons and mafias in the jails and bringing the law and order of the state to that point for which the people of the state had been longing for many decades.

  • Very few people would know that there have been large-scale conspiracies in the state to spread ethnic hatred, incite communal riots, spoil law and order in the name of atrocities on women in order to hurt Yogi's image. In the wake of the unfortunate incident in Hathras, several organizations, including PFI, had also hatched a major conspiracy for which a large amount of money was collected so that the entire state could be wrapped up in ethnic and communal violence. In this mission, almost all opposition parties, including the Congress, also tried to bake political bread and spoil the situation. Hate posters were made, false news was bombarded through fake accounts on social media, but their efforts did not succeed.

  • A fake audio clip recently went viral on social media to defame Yogi stating that tweets in favour of Yogi will fetch ₹2 per tweet. This fake audio clip was  tweeted by a retired IAS officer in the name of Yogi Tool Kit. Through his tweets, The Wire journalist Rohani Singh also spread propaganda against Yogi. Though the cyber police of Uttar Pradesh quickly busted the fraud and arrested the accused , by that time the propaganda had already taken place .

  • In Uttar Pradesh, Yogi launched an intensive campaign against goons and mafias, which has led to the notorious mafia either behind bars or hiding in other states and some have been killed by the police in encounters. Buildings constructed by these mafias on illegal occupation of government land were demolished and government land worth thousands of crores of rupees was vacated. Recently, the entire country saw and heard the story of Mukhtar Ansari's return from Punjab to Uttar Pradesh, which the Punjab government owing to vested interests was  deliberately not sending him  to Uttar Pradesh, and for this the Uttar Pradesh government had to approach the Supreme Court, but the Yogi government succumbed to the notorious mafia in U.P. jail. Such actions of the Uttar Pradesh government have impressed  the people of the state the most.

  • When Vikas Dubey, the notorious criminal of Kanpur's Vikru case in which eight policemen, including a deputy superintendent, were killed, was killed by the police in an encounter, the rumour gang immediately became active and tried to spread ethnic hatred again. Rumours were spread on social media and other media that Yogi was Thakur and was fiercely anti-Brahmin, so Brahmins were being killed. A sannyasi (monk) is above caste classification and worldliness and I personally know Yogi Adityanath that he is an eternal Hinduist, which he should be, but he has no feeling of hatred for a particular caste or religion. Such low-level blames to a sannyasi who has not gone to The AIIMS , Delhi for his father 's last darshan and has not attended his funeral after his death, owing to his official responsibilities towards the people of the state during Corona pandemic.  

  • As far as the corona pandemic is concerned, Yogi has set an example of being a proactive  chief minister all over the country. When chief ministers of most states were confined to social media and TV briefings, he  made intensive visits to every district of the state, went to hospitals, and took effective steps. When the Delhi government had packed migrant labourers from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in DTC buses and released them at the Uttar Pradesh border, Yogi made proper arrangements for the accommodation of these thousands of migrant labourers and made all arrangements to reach their destination. It also had a large number of migrant labourers from Bihar. Not only that, Yogi also gave a befitting reply to Priyanka Vadra’s bus scam and exposed the Congress' lie to the public. Arrangements for migrant labourers who returned from Delhi, Mumbai and elsewhere in large numbers was very challenging for any government, which the Yogi government handled very efficiently. In the first and second wave of Corona, the Management of the Yogi government has also been highly praised by the World Health Organization and Prime Minister Modi has been patting Yogi on his back from time to time on his corona management.

  • Uttar Pradesh, with a population of about 250 million, is larger than all countries except 4, in the world and despite limited health infrastructure, the number and mortality rate of infected people in the state  has been much better than most states and most countries in the world. It is also worth noting here that one and a half years of Yogi's 4-year tenure so far were spent only in  managing the corona pandemic. Even after all this, Uttar Pradesh worked fast on the path of economic development and with the addition of the new airports, became the state having the highest number of functioning airports in  the country. Several important projects are also going on in the roads in the state, some of which have been completed and some are poised to be completed expeditiously. These include Purvanchal Expressway, Ganga Expressway, Bundelkhand Expressway, Gorakhpur Link Expressway, Ballia Link Expressway among others. Many of the state's ambitious projects are underway in Ayodhya, Chitrakoot, Mathura and Kashi, which will promote tourism as well as promote eternal culture and increase economic activities. The work of the film city in Noida is also progressing very fast . Due to many such industrial activities, Uttar Pradesh has recovered from the status of a sick state and in 2020-21 it has become the third largest nominal GDP state (more than 17 lakh crore) after Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.  

  • Rumours of a change in the organisation and government in the Uttar Pradesh BJP were further reinforced when state In-charge radha mohan singh, national general secretary organisation BL Santosh visited Lucknow after BJP national president JP Nadda, had a meeting of national general secretaries  in Delhi. The visit of Sarkaryavah of RSS Dattatreya Hosbale to Lucknow is also being linked to the same speculation. Radha Mohan Singh even met Governor Anandiben and Assembly Speaker Shri Hriday Narayan Dixit, which further heated up the speculation market. Though Radha Mohan Singh described the meetings as a courtesy call and described the purpose of his visit as related to the preparations for the 2022 assembly elections , even a general political figure would guess that something was going on. Otherwise why was there a need to meet the Governor and the Speaker of the Assembly ? What these meetings might relate to the 2022 assembly elections is still an abuzz puzzle ?

Notwithstanding anything in this regard, after the clarifications given by these leaders, the people should be convinced that the BJP chief minister in Uttar Pradesh is not going to change. The change at the ministerial level does not make much difference to the people.

In any case, the BJP is the largest cadre political party in the world and it must know that Uttar Pradesh has 80 Lok Sabha seats and the path to form a government at the Centre goes through Uttar Pradesh, but the CENTRAL LEADERSHIP of the BJP must understand that the performance in panchayat elections is not a very important sign for any political party for the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. If it were so important, how did the BJP get so much success in 2017?

Just a few months ago, an opinion poll conducted by India Today revealed that no BJP or opposition leader in the state stays far and wide against  Yogi's popularity.  Therefore, the BJP must also keep in mind that even a small mistake made in Uttar Pradesh can prove to be very disastrous for the party.


- Shive Mishra


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

What was PV Narasimha Rao's dhoti movement and what punishment did he get?


What was PV Narasimha Rao's dhoti movement and what punishment did he get?


During the Nizam's rule in Hyderabad, various restrictions were imposed on Hindus. There was a ban on Hindu worship and temples were not allowed. All Hindus had to perform the floor salute (bowing salutations with hands touching the ground). 


Hindi, Marathi and Telugu languages ​​were banned. These languages ​​were not taught in any school and college. The Nizam College and Osmania University were the only ones in the erstwhile princely state of Hyderabad. The Hindu students were treated like second-class citizens in these institutions. The hostels were separate for Muslims and Hindu students. 


The Hindu students were not allowed to wear Indian dress anywhere in the university or hostel. They had to wear Muslim dress or dress according to Sharia. There was a ban on wearing Indian dhoti even inside the hostel.


In protest against this, the students staged an agitation at Osmania University for 15 days and  PV Narasimha Rao, led this movement. This movement is called Dhoti Movement.


Due to this movement, about 242 students including PV Narasimha Rao were expelled from Osmania University. Osmania University sent a letter to all universities in the country that these students should not be admitted. But Nagpur University of Maharashtra not only gave admission to all these 242 students, but also provided all the facilities of education, due to which they could complete their degree.


This was the first movement of its kind during the Nizam's reign, which later opened the way for agitation against the Nizam regime. After the independence, when the Nizam refused to merge with India, many people inspired by this movement played a very important role in creating a mandate against the Nizam.


- Shive Mishra


Who were the Razakars and what were their activities under the Nizam's rule?

Razakars and their activities under the Nizam's rule[1][2]

( Razakar Army)

Razakar was an armed organization of radical Muslims who persecuted Hindus during the Nizam's rule in Hyderabad and forced them to become Muslims. It was a group of brutal murderers who, at the behest of the Nizam, were involved in the elimination of Hindus (Kafirs) in Hyderabad. It was organised by Kasim Rizvi, born in Uttar Pradesh and educated at Aligarh Muslim University. This organization killed millions of Hindus in Hyderabad, including women and children.

  • This armed Razakar organization used to attack Hindu villages, looting, raping women and killing men and children.
  • It is noteworthy that Asaduddin Owaisi is a descendant of the same dastardly Razakars.

Why did the Nizam need a Razkars’ organization?

In the Hindu majority Hyderabad, the Nizam had ensured that Hindus didn’t enjoy even the basic fundamental rights. He tried to convert Hyderabad into a sovereign Islamic state. The Nizam needed an organization to strictly enforce laws made against Hindus and punish those who did not believe, on the spot, for which a Razakar organization was created. Nizam started attacking Hindus by spreading hatred against them in the name of religious `Jihad’.

The razakars attacked many villages in Telangana region, looting people, raping women and conducting massacres, and spread the reign of terror. [3]

Nizam's atrocities against Hindus[4][5] and role of Razakar [6] [7]

  • An order of the Nizam government that Hindus were not allowed to offer prayers in public through Gasti mark 53 i.e. Government Order No. 53.
  • Hindus could not take out the procession of their deities.
  • Temples were banned.
  • No religious meeting of Hindus could be held.
  • Even Hindus could not hold any public program even if it was non-religious.
  • Sometimes in the dark of night, a few Hindu people used to do worship (pooja, Katha and Bhajan, Kirtan) in their homes in very low tones. If it was known to Razakars, then the entire locality would be punished, which included killing them on the spot.
  • There was a complete ban on any religious event of Hindus like Ramlila, Yakshagana, Katha-Bhagwat etc.
  • If anyone was found performing the yagna, he was immediately put to death.
  • Radha Krishna Modani, a young man from Nizamabad, organized a yagna in public in the market, opposing the Nizam's ban on yagna. The Razakars killed Radha-Krishna Modani while performing a yagna. This main market of Nizamabad was given the name of Radha-Krishna Ganj by Hindus, which is still prevalent today.
  • 200 Hindus were called for discussions to establish peace by the Razakars in a village named Bhaironpalli and all of them were slaughtered there.
  • Similarly, freedom fighters in Chintapally were called for talks and all were put to death.
  • There are many such villages, where the Razakars went and laid down the entire village, murdered men and children, raped women and took them in their possession.[8]
  • Hindi, Telugu and Marathi languages were completely banned in the state. No school could provide education in Hindi, Telugu or Marathi medium.
  • Hindu students were not allowed to wear Indian costumes in schools and colleges. They were forced to wear clothes according to Muslim customs and Sharia rules.
  • During the Nizam's reign, a slogan was given by Nizam “ Un-Ul-Malik which means “I am the ruler” and every Muslim used to say this and considered himself a Nizam.
  • See the misfortune of India that PV Narasimha Rao who started the Dhoti movement against the Nizam regime at Osmania University in Hyderabad, when he became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, he published four volumes of the history of Hyderabad from the Archaeological Department of Andhra Pradesh in which the two volumes are only related to the Nizam regime but there is no mention of the Razakar organization in these two volumes of 800 pages. Why ?
  • It can be easily understood that after independence, the Congress also changed history for the sake of muslim votes. Congress wanted to hide the atrocities of Razakars to please a community.
  • Today the people of Telangana, Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh are looking for their real true History.
  • Internet media is full of glorious history of Majlis and Nizam rule. Even with the consent of the then Congress government, some people have declared Quasim Rizvi of Razakar organization as a freedom fighter and many misleading, false and fraudulent videos in this regard are available on YouTube and Google search.

(Migration of Hindus from Hyderabad)

Operation POLO of Hyderabad :

  1. The Nizam ignored the merger of Hyderabad with India, and tried to either merge it with Pakistan or make it an independent Muslim nation. For this, he put forward his army and the Razakar organization to protest. This protest was also supported by Jinnah who had closed the border of Pakistan and told all the Muslims who wanted to go to Pakistan to go and settle in Hyderabad. 
  2. The Iron Man Sardar Patel had to run Operation Polo to merge Hyderabad with a tough stand. It is said that there were some villages which were the villages of full-fledged Razakars, where there was a tremendous attack on the Indian Army but in this the Nizam's army and the Razakar organization suffered heavy damage. 
  3. See the hypocrisy, when the Razakar army used to persecute the Hindus, it was said that it is an organization of a few misguided people but these misguided Razakars who died in Operation Polo suddenly became Muslims, on whose death Nehru was very sad and he sent a three members Goodwill Mission to Hyderabad, headed by Pandit Sundarlal and its other members were Qazi Abdul Ghaffar and Maulana Abdullah Misery. 
  4. Rumor has been raised that between 50 thousand to 2 lakh Muslims were murdered in Operation Polo to demoralize Sardar Patel and to dent his popularity. Although the Goodwill Mission was neither a commission nor a committee, therefore there was no need to submit a report by it , but Nehru pressured these members to make a report to unearth the story of the so-called Muslim genocide, in order to humiliate Sardar Patel. Owing to the opposition of other Congress ministers, and keeping in view that there was no substance in it, this report was not made public, due to which rumours continued to be fuelled . This report , however, is still available indiscriminately on the internet media. 

In order to strengthen its vote bank in the name of secularism, the Congress did criminal conspiracy and changed the history of Hyderabad in such a way that the new generations of Hindus can never know the atrocities of Nizam and Razakars. Social Activists like Raka Sudhakar Rao of Hyderabad are working tirelessly in this direction to restore the history relating to Nizam and Razakars.

(The Nizam of Hyderabad receiving Sardar Patel after Operation Polo at Begum pet Airport)

Today, both TRS and Congress are eager for an alliance with the successor of Razakars, the AIMIM , whose leader is Asaduddin Owaisi.

Perhaps even today, in this land of Hindus, there is no one to listen to the Hindus who are survived by protecting their identity and religiousness while enduring the atrocities of one thousand years of slavery.


-Shiv Mishra