Sunday, April 5, 2020

PMNRF Vs PM CARES : Why Congress creating Controversy?

The PM Modi has set up the fund to fight the Covid-19 pandemic in a very targeted way. That is the need of the hour instead of playing politics over it. In many ways, Modi’s PM CARES could be a more democratic and constitutional way of building a war chest for crisis situations like the present Coronavirus pandemic and for other exigencies in the future than the PMNRF was till date.

The PMNRF ( Prime Minister National Relief Fund ) is used to provide immediate relief to families of those killed in natural calamities like floods, cyclones, earthquakes, victims of major accidents and riots.

PM CARES, (Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance & Relief in Emergency Situations) on the other hand, is a dedicated national fund to deal with any kind of emergency or distress situation, like the Covid-19 outbreak.

The question in reference was raised by the Congress Party as to why the Modi Government is creating PM CARES ?

The main difference is that in the the committee of PMNRF, Congress president is ex officio permanent member but in PM CARES, congress president is not a member. Precisely this is the problem of the Congress. Why Congress ? Why not other Parties ? This all not sensible. Since PMNRF was created in 1948 much before the constitution and Parliament was in the existence, presence of Congress in the committee was logical. During all these years when congress was in power the congress president was ex officio member. Why ? Why not the leader of opposition party? Why not representation from other parties? Congress was silent. Modi has not nominated BJP president as member of the committee, even then congress is disturbed because Congress president will lose lime light.

The PM-CARES Fund may have up to 13 eminent experts, working pro bono, and can undertake relief or assistance of any kind relating to a public health emergency or any other emergency, including the creation and upgradation of healthcare facilities

The registered trust deed, dated March 27, of PM-CARES Fund states that the prime minister as chairperson of the Trust will have the power to nominate three people to the board of trustees who shall be eminent persons in the field of research, health, science, social work, law, public administration and philanthropy. The board of trustees also include the defence minister, home minister and finance minister in ex-officio capacity.

There is also a provision to set up an advisory board of not more than 10 persons — selected by the trustees from among the medical practitioners, healthcare professionals, academicians, economists and lawyers.

Congress should that at the time of crisis they should support the country by raising questions at this time of difficulties it is making itself irrelevant in the country.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Corona Crisis : A Tale of Three States

The Corona is a deadly virus which is spreading through human contacts which has posed biggest challenge for the survival of the mankind. Many developed countries who have one of the best Healthcare systems in the world, have suffered a lot and are in a very miserable condition.
The China who is blamed for Corona had controlled the Corona spread within a reasonable time and interestingly it was able to restrict the impact of pandemic to Hubai State especially in Wuhan City only. There were few straw cases else where. What was the magic ? The magic was the complete lock down of the identified area. Probably this is the major difference in the strategy of China, US and Italy. These countries suffered heavily because they did not follow the principle of Lock Down.
Prime Minister Modi taking clue from the China and also keeping in view the fact that there is no medicine or treatment is available, decided for national lock down after Janata curfew on 22nd March 2020 which was very successful.
I am not Modi Bhakta but I know that Modi is very rigorous in his homework and therefore he would have thought thousands time before deciding for a complete lockdown for 21days in a already stressed economy. As he has already mentioned, this was the only option to arrest the Corona spread. This is very courageous decision which president Trump could not take as he is giving priority to the economy. The economy is very important but we should be proud of the Prime Minister Modi gave preference to humanity over economics. This decision of complete lock down was taken in the larger interest of the country.
The whole idea of this lock down was to keep the people as is where is basis to isolate the people to restrict the Corona spread. However, in India different states are ruled by different parties and therefore, implementation becomes a big challenge all the time.
In the recent years the political narrowness and wasted interest have increased to a record low. Many people do not accept Modi as Prime Minister, notwithstanding the fact that he is democratically elected PM by record majority which was not given by the people to anyone during last 30 years. It happens many times that anti Modi activism lead to Anti National activism. Even in the national calamity situation like this, when no one is sure that he will survive, India cannot stand United. This also happened in the fight of India with Corona. Many States are handling the situation in their own way. Many political leaders see this difficult time as a political opportunity for them. Many people who were protesting for CAA, now started opposing Modi for handling the crisis.
In the light of a few incidents happened in the national capital, we will discuss the three states and the three chief ministers and How they handle the situation?
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who got elected second time hardly two months back but he is still in election mode. While he is busy in his image building, he wants to do everything for Delhi people only. He is in national capital but with no national interest.
He wants to do everything by paying government money. He is now on TV ads in almost all the channels appreciating himself and his government, making very tall claims. His Ads are shown so frequently on the TV channels that people have fed up. As against this publicity, the country has seen that he compelled by hook or by crook all the laborers of U.P. and Bihar to leave the Delhi as early as possible in the mid of lock down. He arranged DTC buses for picking of these people from different parts of the Delhi and pooled them at U.P. Border. This is not inhuman, this is crime against humanity and cannot be justified by anyone means. Well, you can decide whether this was in national interest or against the national interest?
There is another Chief Minister in UP who is very low profile and never claim himself to be wise, experienced and political stalwarts. He is a saint and head of Goraksha Nath Peeth of Gorakhpur. He has no prior experience of being CM or even Minister either at Centre or State. After this Delhi episode, his remark was “ Dillee Bahut Chhote Dil kee Niklee (दिल्ली बहुत छोटे दिल की निकली )” He and the team of his Officers worked entire night and arranged buses to transport them to different places. Arrangements for their stay were made in Lucknow Haj House, Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, Shilp Gram and in many schools and colleges. But the number was so huge that ultimately many of them were sent to their homes. Among these migrants labors, many were from Bihar, who were also picked up and transported upto Bihar border.
When Nitish Kumar learnt this news his statement was that he will not allow these people to enter into Bihar. What is this? They are our citizens, residents of Bihar, if Bihar will treat them like this where will they go?
What ever is said about Yogi Aditya Nath, is a history but person is tested only in difficult times. and Yogi proved himself. This underlines the fact that politics without humanity is useless and is just like any business which, most of the politicians in the Country, are doing.
Probably Yogi Aditya Nath is the only Chief Minister in India who is working day and night in missionary zeal to fight with corona in the interest of the mankind. He has arranged transfer of money in the accounts of more than 27 lacs MANREGA laborers, pension to widows and old age persons in their accounts. All the temporary daily wage laborers are planned to give ex-gratia amount. UP Police who has history of being very notorious, is now distributing food and ration supply to the needy persons. Strict actions have been initiated against the top officials who are not doing their duty proactively.
There is another Chief Minister and political stalwart, Nitish Kumar, who is the Bihar chief minister for the 4th time and is the most experienced political person and often said as PM material. Once upon a time he was the face of prime ministerial candidate.
Many people would have seen on TV news that the migrant laborers returning from Mumbai and Kolkata who landed by trains at Patna and they were also transported to their destinations. They were dealt with very casually and the people were inside and on the roof of buses. When he got the news that laborers are transported by Yogi which includes many Bihari also, he made general statement that he will not allow any person to enter into Bihar.
These are few examples of difficult national situation but this gives food for thought to all of us.
  • Is this the way of thinking, of Politicians?
  • Is this the way of handling problems of the difficult situation?
The political person does not mean that he will not remain human at all. For any position anywhere be it politics, bureaucracy and judiciary , the first thing is that the person should be a human being. They need to have pain for the common man and for the mankind, and that is the basic requirement of the country.
  • where are we going? and
  • where we want to take this nation?

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Shaheen Bagh - A well planned strategy for Delhi Election

Shaheen Bagh played a very important role in Delhi Assembly elections for all the political parties. Shaheen Bagh is the prime reason for fabulous victory of Aam Aadmi Party which ensured not only defeat of BJP but also making Congress as irrelevant forever.
Let us discuss in detail.
The biggest lie of Shaheen Bagh
Apparently Shaheen Bagh appears to be a place of demonstration against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) but reportedly it was part of a larger conspiracy against BJP to ensure victory of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and also to make BJP busy in National issues and the challenge of CAA across India especially around National Capital Region (NCR) covering entire Delhi which was the battle ground for these elections.
The strategies and formula already tested in WB were used to connect Jamia, JNU and AMU. The planning was done in such a professional manner that it was giving signals of win-win situation to Congress for harvesting Muslim votes who deployed its firebrand leaders like Mani Shankar Aiyar, Shashi Tharoor, Digvijay Singh, Salman Khurshid etc. who delivered poisonous speeches to polarize Muslim votes in favour of Congress. Congress youth brigade led by Rahul and Priyanka were busy in travelling from Jamia to Jantar Mantar and from Shaheen Bagh to India Gate to galvanize Muslim votes. The duo also traveled to different parts of UP to capitalize the protest of CAA in favour of the Congress especially to give immediate benefit in Delhi Elections. The support of many Bollywood personalities was solicited and wherever possible their tours were arranged. Now days Bollywood can visit anywhere to promote their movies. Many Bollywood stars now attend any marriage reception ceremony on payments. The BJP too, was confronting the issues of Jamia, JNU and AMU. They realized much later that it is a part of conspiracy but by that time damage was already done.
Outlines of Shaheen Bagh plan were prepared by none other than Prashant Kumar (PK) who was Election Strategist of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi. His firm I PAC was engaged by Aam Aadmi Party for Delhi elections. The entire plan was administrated from the War Room of Aam Aadmi Party located in Firoz Shah Kotla road in Delhi. The Congress remain in daydream that it is going to benefit to large extent by the polarization of Muslim votes in Delhi. Probably it is for the first time in the history of Indian elections that Muslim votes were polarized successfully stopping Hindu polarization as reaction thereof. This is a very innovative experiment done in the laboratory of Shaheen Bagh. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi was right when he mentioned that Shaheen Bagh is not coincidence, it is an experiment.
( Hate speeches at Shaheen Bagh : Sharzeel Imam)
It is now on record that all Muslim candidates of Aam Aadmi Party won their respective seats by record margins. The votes polled to these Muslim candidates are up to the extent of 76% of the total polled votes which underlines the fact that while Muslim polarization was a grand success, Hindu polarization was not evident. Its candidate from Matia Mahal Shoaib Iqbal got 75.96% votes as against BJP candidate who got only 19.24 % votes. A difference of 59.58 % could not have happened, had the Muslim vote not polarize or even otherwise also had the Hindu vote also polarized. Casting 76% votes to a single candidate is itself a record. One of the Muslim candidates in Delhi Assembly elections won his seat by a record margin of 71000 votes as against Manish Sisodia who has reportedly carried out a revolution in the education system of Delhi, suffered a narrow scape and could won by merely 2000 votes. Arvind Kejriwal the icon of AAP and a man of freebies of Delhi could won by 21000 votes. Amanullah Khan, one of the candidates of AAP from Okhla seat of Delhi where Shaheen Bagh is located has given hate speech not once, not twice but many times at Shaheen Bagh and elsewhere in Delhi, won by huge margin, more than the margin of Arvind Kejriwal. What these statistics says?
There are many other things which suggest that Shaheen Bagh has contributed to large extent in the victory of Aam Aadmi Party and the victory of AAP has resulted into happy ending of Shaheen Bagh protest. Just after the results, there were celebrations and protesters were greeted and biryani was distributed.
AAP, a Party which took birth as a byproduct of Anna agitation - the India against corruption, exploited the loop holes of the constitution and the democracy, disturbed the equilibrium of the society, ignoring the core values of the country, using freebies as weapon, orchestrated the episodes and exploited the difficult situation of the country in their favour.
Such innovative and adventurous experiments were never done even by the Congress who had been using the services of many foreign agencies for making election and poll strategies. The current experiment at Shaheen Bagh has opened Pandora's box.
The background of Shaheen Bagh
As you are aware, Prashant Kishor was earlier associated with Bhartiya Janata Party up to Lok Sabha elections in 2014 when BJP received huge victory resulting into formation of Narendra Modi Government the first majority government at the Centre after almost 30 years. It was time when Prashant Kishor desired to enter politics by having senior post in the BJP and expressed his earnest desire to Shri Amit Shah. BJP is a cadre-based party and President, Prime Minister, Vice President, Lok Sabha Speaker, Chief Ministers, many Governors and many Cabinet Ministers have come from rank and files of the party. Lateral recruitments do happen in BJP now a days, however, party does not appoint any lateral recruited leader in party posts. BJP can give tickets for Lok Sabha and Assembly elections and can nominate for Rajya Sabha and Vidhan Parishad but not give party positions due to obvious reason. Thus, Prashant Kishor could not be accommodated. However, later the recommendation of Amit Shah, he was not only admitted in JDU but also appointed as its’ Vice President. Although PK belong to Bihar, but did this not benefit him to the desired extent. He, therefore, continued his work as election strategist for many political parties .His recent contract with Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal raised eyebrows of many in BJP. PK helped Mamata Banerjee in Lok Sabha polls at the cost of irritating the BJP. However, despite his best efforts, BJP dented Mamata Banerji and penetrated in West Bengal by winning 18 out of 42 Lok Sabha seats. In assembly elections in West Bengal Prashant Kishor has been trying hard to ensure victory of Mamata Banerjee and working on many strategies. One of his strategies in West Bengal is to intensify protest CAA and create fear psychosis against NRC. As per his advice Mamata Banerjee is already on the roads leaving no stone unturned to embarrass BJP and corner Narendra Modi. This resulted into very poor relationship between PK and BJP. When Prashant Kishor himself opposed CAA as against the stand taken by his party JDU, he invited anguish from both BJP and JDU. It is said that Amit Shah who was instrumental for his entry into JDU was again instrumental for his expulsion. He has been helping Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi Assembly elections as poll and election strategist through his firm I PAC. In Delhi, the protests in JNU and Jamia were well planned and looped with Sheen Bagh. The selection of Shaheen Bagh spot for protest CAA and connecting it with nationalism was a well thought strategy of Shri Prashant Kishor. Using National Flag and singing National Anthem was a patriotic Tadka. Of course all emotional and sympathy cards were used by including children and old age women.
In last Lok Sabha elections BJP won all 7 seats of Delhi and the remarkable thing was that Muslim women gave overwhelming support to Narendra Modi ( Modi Bhai Jan) as a gift of removal of triple talaq and Halala. This had fragmented Muslim Votes and men were against BJP, but the women were in support of BJP. With a view to distancing Muslim Women from Modi Bhai Jan, they made the face of demonstration against CAA at Shaheen Bagh which has sizable Muslim population which will make it easy for women to join the protests while remain connected with their home. Thus, the idea of Shaheen Bagh was to reunite the Muslim votes and cast them in bulk in favour of AAP. Indirectly AAP and especially its Muslim leaders funded the protests at Shaheen Bagh. Excellent arrangements are made for protesters at Shaheen Bagh in order to motivate them to stay for a long. It is evident that many protesters are from lower income group and daily wage earners who are reportedly paid suitably. Few English-speaking women in Burka are also available to speak to media if required. In order to ensure originality of the protests as per script, there is well managed and controlled system behind these women.
After victory of the AAP, “Mission Shaheen Bagh” is accomplished and gradually the sponsors and organizers are distancing themselves from Shaheen Bagh. Naturally after supply chain becomes dysfunctional, the protestors cannot stay, and the protest will also become dysfunctional. JNU, Jamia and AMU also performed well in their given roles for the cause, and now will become silent at least for some time on the one or the other grounds.
The AAP is happy on their victory which is very natural, and the Congress is happy on the defeat of BJP. Everybody in congress Sonia, Priyanka and Rahul are happy that they have stopped BJP coming to power. They do not know that what congress did in Delhi is suicidal and people of Delhi has bid the farewell to congress for ever. The role of congress in Delhi clearly underlines the fact that Congress itself is fulfilling the dream of PM Modi for “Congress Mukt Bharat”. A layman could understand that Congress can win election only in direct fight with BJP as happened in MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, however, if it supports a third party to win over the BJP, it can never recapitulate the lost glory as happened in UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, WB, Maharashtra, AP, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Odisha etc.
The BJP has been out of power in Delhi state for the last 25 years, but the Congress was in power for 15 years just before AAP government came in. while the BJP has been able to get 5 more seats in direct fight in all the seats and increase vote share to 38%, Congress got vote less than 4% this time and was nowhere at number two.
The congress, in the entire episodes of CAA and Shaheen Bagh appears a biggest loser as it was working on simple appeasement politics which did not work against the well scripted, directed and narrated orchestration. Obviously, the Congress could not get Muslim votes. Its performance was too poor to get less than 4%, which lowest in the history of Congress. It not only failed to get any seat for the second consecutive assembly elections but also its 63 candidates, out of 66 lost their deposits. The data says that almost entire anti BJP votes have been garnered by AAP leaving congress for a guest appearance.
The BJP despite patriotic wave in their favour could not succeed to capture the power. However, their vote percentage increased by 6% to touch 38% as compared to last election. One peculiar statistic says that if the congress would have fought properly and would have secured roughly 20 % votes, the BJP would have been the winner. This is supported by the fact that the average votes of AAP and Congress is less than what BJP has got. The high vote percentage of AAP(56%) is indicative that it has eaten the Vote Bank of Congress. The logic is simple the loss of the congress is the gain of AAP.
The script writer, producer, director and all the artists of Shaheen Bagh deserve Hats off, if not from us, from all political leaders.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

CAA and NRC : Impact Analysis

CAA, NPR & NRC : The Background

The citizen Amendment Act is much awaited law which was expected immediately after Nehru Liaquat agreement in 1950.However, due to political appeasement of the Congress starting from Nehru, the law could not be prepared.  The need of such law was felt on the backdrop of communal violence after partition of India which resulted into genocide of more than one million non-Muslims community  in  east and west Pakistan while they were returning to India. Many independent historians had written that  trains coming from Pakistan to India were flooded with dead bodies of Hindus and other non-Muslim communities. The partition of India was based on the two Nation theory, one for Hindus and other for Muslims. Jinnah took  the Pakistan for Muslims and chosen the area where Muslim population was much in concentration at two places one was known as East Pakistan and the other was known as West Pakistan. The population of both communities were to be exchanged to the respective Nation. While Pakistan at both places  pressurized Migration of Hindus and Non-Muslims from East and West Pakistan, Jawaharlal Nehru appealed that Muslims who want to live in India can live safely and there will not be any injustice to them ang Government will provide safety and security. While  the Congress took a lot of initiative to make the Muslims happy in India, the treatment to Hindus   in Pakistan  was beyond the imagination and was worse than Hell. Following the largest genocide of Hindus on the planet in Pakistan  by Muslims to finish the Hindus and to capture their properties and women. A meeting between the prime ministers of both the countries happened and  an agreement was done which is known as Nehru and Liaquat Agreement. The agreement says that both countries will protect the interest of minorities in their countries and ensure their safety and security. Things in Pakistan did not change.  Pakistan kept pressure on non-Muslims to either leave or convert to Islam. Pak allowed adult Hindus migrating from Pakistan to India to take with them only rupees 150  leaving all the assets and belongings in Pakistan . While in  India Congress tried its best to appease the Muslims in whatever  ways possible,   the lives of Hindus in Pakistan worsened. While crossing the Pakistan borders to reach in India many Hindus were killed, a few of them survived and reached India in order to save their lives. The then government of Congress led by Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru gave assurance that citizenship Act will be suitably amended to grant the citizens to all such people who are religiously persecuted in Pakistan and Afghanistan which  was not done by any of the subsequent governments.

The inhuman conditions of  Refugees

The life of these migrants Hindus and other minority communities from the neighboring countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan) which were turned into Islamic countries,  are miserable  and inhuman in India also, for decades. Can anyone think that they are from India (undivided India ) and they are living miserable life in India? What is their fault ? Is this punishment of partition of India ? Why will they alone  face the sin of the partition for which Jinnah and Nehru was responsible? They have the status of Refugees. They  do not have Ration Cards, education to children, own house,  no benefit of Governments schemes and no regular employment. They  are not having voting rights, rights of education and proper employment and their life in India is also not befitting and comparable with ordinary Indian Citizen or even normal human being.

All the governments and all the prominent leaders after independence, expressed concerns and promised to grant them citizenship. However, no Government could dare to enact the law in India  in this regard. It is  only Modi who made it possible. Modi Hai to mumkin hai (मोदी है तो मुमकिन है). They introduced the CAB in parliament and ensured that it is passed despite the fact  that the BJP does not enjoy majority in Rajya Sabha. The Citizens Amendment Bill (CAB) is now Law  “The Citizen Amendment Act 2019 (CAA)”.

What is CAA ?

Before discussing further, we need to understand the CAA.

The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA) was passed by the Parliament of India on 11 December 2019. It amended the Citizenship Act of 1955 by providing a path to Indian citizenship for Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian religious minorities who migrated from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. By amending the principal act i.e. Citizenship Act, 1955, a proviso has been inserted in section 2, in sub-section (1), in clause (b), that provides as such-”Provided that any person belonging to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi or Christian community from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan, who entered into India on or before the 31st day of December, 2014 and who has been exempted by the Central Government by or under clause (c) of sub-section (2) of section 3 of the Passport (Entry into India) Act, 1920 or from the application of the provisions of the Foreigners Act, 1946 or any rule or order made there under, shall not be treated as illegal migrant for the purposes of this Act.”

Under the 2019 amendment, migrants who had entered India by 31 December 2014, and had suffered “religious persecution or fear of religious persecution” in their country of origin were made eligible for citizenship. Most surprisingly such “religious persecution or fear of religious persecution ” has not been inscribed in the present amended Act, though the Government of India by means of executing rules and orders under Passport (Entry into India) rules, 1950 and Foreigners Order, 1948 respectively initiated the process of giving a particular privilege to those people four years before, who belong to those religion and countries, that have been mentioned in the above stated section 2(1)(b) of the Citizenship Act 1955. The Government of India has amended the Passport (Entry into India) Rules, 1950 and the Foreigners’ Order 1948 through a notification on September 7, 2015 by exempting persons belonging to minority community in Bangladesh ,Pakistan or Afghanistan who have been compelled to seek shelter in India due to religious persecution or fear of religious persecution and entered into India on or before December 31, 2014.
What is NRC?

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a register maintained by the Government of India containing names & certain relevant information for identification of Indian citizens. The NRC is an exercise that requires individuals in India to prove they are citizens of India. Thus, it will help the Government to identify non-citizens especially illegal immigrants in order to push them out of country.

The NRC was initially, specifically made for Assam state. The NRC results in Assam, however, were not satisfactory and therefore the Government has decided to relook into the process.

 What are the reasons for opposing Citizen Amendment Act (CAA)?

o   The strong opposition of CAA came from Muslims in India who are privileged citizen in India more than the Hindus supported by opposition parties who are exploiting their votes in bulk after independence.
o   These political parties, many of whom exist because of the votes of minorities, do not want to let this vote Bank go out of their hands.
o   In fact, if Muslims are included in CAA, all illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan and Rohingyas from Myanmar will become citizens of this country and will become the solid Vote Bank of   these political parties. That is why these political parties are protesting more than the Muslims and investing heavily at the cost of law and order and  even division of the society.
o   Do the Muslims and all those who oppose CAA, expect  these Non- Muslims / Minority communities to convert to Islam in their Islamic countries which are meant for Muslims only ?
o   Should they (Non-Muslims of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan) face persecution and die in their Islamic Countries?
o   Do they ( Muslims and all those who oppose CAA) expect further appeasement of Indian Muslims to allow all illegal Muslims immigrants from these countries who have infiltrated in India for better life owing to better social & economic conditions and employment opportunities in India as compared to these Islamic countries? A rational distinction need be made between Hindus and Sikhs and other minorities seeking their future in India, because they have nowhere else to go, and Muslims from Islamic countries who do have alternative options. Muslim illegal immigrants are serious threat to demography of India which is going in favor of Muslims in India as compared to neighboring countries which ultimately turned to Islamic countries under the pressure of Muslim fundamentalists.  

The Positive Impacts  CAA and NRC

Those who are analyzing, discussing, dissecting and speaking about CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) are not correctly spelling out the  highlight the overwhelming benefits of CAA. A few could be as under -
o   The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has been duly passed by the Parliament after a thorough debate in both Houses. It is the product of a fully democratic exercise.
o   The refugees of minority communities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan  who were religiously persecuted in their countries and who have crossed over to India before 31st December 2014  to save their lives  will get the citizenship in fast track mode.
o   The population of India will have now only citizens and non-citizens.
o   Non-Citizens too will be divisible into legal immigrants and illegal immigrants.
o   The illegal immigrants will be easily identified and pushed out of country.   
o   The people who will get the citizenship will benefit the  Society in general and country in particular. They will be loyal to this country where they got the shelter that is their own.  
o   It will give the message to all the illegal immigrants that India is not ready to accommodate them anymore and since they are unwanted, they should leave the country or face the legal consequences.
  • o   The most important thing is that the  CAA will  fast-tracking the acquisition of Indian citizenship by Hindus and Sikhs and others, regulating their status in India and extending all the benefits of citizenship to them.
  • o   Illegal Muslim migrants will be easily  identified and send back to their country of origin without fear of religious discrimination and physical insecurity, or some other interim solution can be found, once they are properly identified.
  • o   The CAA gives  immunity to refugees from persecution for being an illegal migrant and gives fast  track  citizenship .
  • o   The test for granting citizenship is very simple based on  three conditions,

o   Firstly, that refugee  must be from Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh.
o   Secondly, refugee must be one of the  from six religious’ communities — Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis.
o   thirdly  refugee should have crossed over to  India before December 31, 2014.
o   The CAA will  protect only  those who are already in India.
o   The patriot Indian can now see distinctly as to who are working for India to survive and live long as it is and who are working for appeasement not bothering that the change in the demography of India will create turmoil in the country and will lead for conversion into an Islamic country like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many if African continent. It may not be taken out of context that lives of even Muslims are miserable in these Islamic countries because of fundamentalism and that is why they are fleeing for better life in India.
  • o   At the national level CAA and other related matters has given a lease of life to the opposition parties. After Modi became PM, the opposition parties became almost irrelevant and insignificant.
  • o   It has created awareness and  a thrilling academic atmosphere in the country.  people have started reading the Constitution of India, and relevant provisions and Act.  
  • o   The overall impact of CAA is very good keeping in view it’s academic discussions. Almost all the Indians are now curious to know the effect, the provisions of constitution and of course the Vote Bank Politics.
  • o   The sale of the copies of the amended Citizenship Act 1955 (bare act), the Foreigners Act,1946, the Constitution of India has touched all-time high. The search of related content on the net is at its peak.
  • o   Many people have started reading constitution and hoisting the flag.
  • o   Many protesters have started reciting national Anthem during protests.
  • o   Many schools / offices have started reading preamble of constitution.
  • o   Those who never bothered about the constitution and /or flouted the constitution are protesting to save the constitution.

  • o   The importance of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is integral for India. It provides a clear-cut demarcation of who qualifies to be an Indian citizen from other nationals who have been illegally living in India. The role of the NRC has proven to be very helpful in several instances. In the State of Assam where a large number of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh are known to inhabit, it is with the aid of the NRC that their inhabitation will have to be forfeited. Therefore, all the states in India employ the use of an NRC which gets updated in every ten years.

o   With our evidently growing economy, it is important to have a clear picture of the exact number of citizens and foreign nationals living in the country and whether this inhabitation is legal or illegal. This also comes into play when we talk about exercising other rights awarded to Indian citizens. With an avid population, if one is to ensure a rapid growth, we need to eliminate the chances of any such rights getting exploited. These are scenarios where the NRC deems to be of critical importance to safeguard growth and development.
o   Established democracies have a detailed database of citizens, with citizenship verification through several means, including national identity cards. This is a vital aspect of sovereignty, national security and governance. Why does the move to establish an NRC abridge India’s democracy in particular? With our porous borders, terrorism concerns and the reality of illegal migration, India desperately needs a National Register for Citizens.
o   The irony is that with similar social conditions — the absence of birth certificates, poverty and illiteracy — Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal have citizenship rolls. If they can find out the ways, we too can find out the ways.
o   Over the course of the last decade, there has been a rampant inflow of Rohingya Muslims with an estimated forty thousand residing illegally. There have been plans for their deportation as there have been instances of militant attacks on the border by the group individuals. These groups are also known to have links with Pakistan based terror groups. The inhabitation of this sect can thus pose a serious threat to national security which has already been seen in instances like the border attacks.

Negative Impact of CAA and NRC
o   Because of protests, the Nationwide NRC may not be approved in the Rajya Sabha with even BJP allies JD(U) and the Akalis opposing it on account of political turmoil.
o   The NRC is designed to weaponize the CAA. Without the NRC, the CAA will not have desired impact which is under fire by a section of society.
o   The Opposition parties ignoring national interest, has started playing the dangerous game of mobilizing Muslims to stage street protests with violence  to capitalize on and deepen the existing perception that the Modi-led BJP government is anti-Muslim. This is nothing but to gain the lost political ground.
o   The violent protests are  disturbing the peace and harmony of the country. The violent protest across some state has damaged huge properties of Central and state Governments , which is a national loss.
o   Owing to Vote Bank politics through Muslim Appeasement, many State Governments belonging to opposition parties have passed a resolution against CAA which is giving wrong signals to the world at large about the unity and integrity of India.
o   Many State Government have declared that they will not implement the CAA, knowing fully well that the citizenship is a union issue and states has nothing to do with it. The citizenship is granted by Central Government and States have no role to play. As per the provisions of constitution  the  State Governments can not say no to any law passed by the parliament. The message though politically motivated is giving wrong signals to the  whole world.
o   The ‘secular’ argument has been carried to an absurd length in demanding that even persecuted Muslims in Islamic countries such as Shias,  Ahmadis and Rohingyas should be included for Indian citizenship. If that is done the very purpose of the CAA and NRC will be lost and India may not remain secular for more than 20 – 25 years and will convert to an Islamic country. May be, before that civil war erupts or Islamic terror war groups like ISIS , Taliban etc.  are developed to finish the non-Islamic or force them to convert  to Islam in order to establish an Islamic Rule. The so-called secular will then be first to flee out of country.
o   Fundamentalists in India are demanding even to include  Yazidis and other victims of the Islamic State, the victims of Boko Haram from North Africa to prove our secular credentials?
o   The protesters and opposition parties are demanding to include Shias & Ahmadis of Pakistan and Rohingyas of Myanmar who have known terror link, and  which are serious threat to country’s security and demography .
o   Opposition parties because of vote Bank politics, support to grant  citizenship to the several million Bangladeshi Muslims who have entered India illegally.
o   Those protesting the CAA in the name of secularism and democracy do not want Hindus, Sikhs and others to benefit from CAA, even if for one time unless the Muslims are also accommodated. The demand is not logical as the Muslims cannot be persecuted in Islamic countries. If the Muslims are accommodated in CAA the demography of country will change as there are more than 2 Crores illegal Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh many of them have terrorist links. All of them are drain to Indian resources creating the problems of employment, infrastructure, law & order  and security.
o   The demography of India will tilt towards Muslims who will try to convert the Hindustan into an Islamic country as happened in case of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many African countries. Recently German Chancellor has expressed concerns over possible threat to Germany  for being converted to Islamic country in few years from now.
o   The NRC will be an enormous exercise given the size of our population and other complexities. This was evident in Assam, where even genuine Indian citizens got excluded and many illegal migrants allegedly, got included. Before the government embarks on this exercise, it also needs to put in place a policy on stateless people. India does not have one yet and keeping illegal migrants in detention centres is something the country can ill afford.
o   The opposition political parties do not understand that this is important  to keep within the lines of the law when it comes to illegal immigration and national interest.
o   The unwanted protest and support by opposition political parties have encouraged  Rohingya Muslims illegal infiltration  into India. Keeping national peace and safety in concern it is best that any such form of illegal infiltrations is  stopped forthwith, and strict laws should be framed in this regard.

                                             - Shive Mishra