Sunday, June 6, 2010

THE OLD MAN AND SHE ........... Part II

And finally what happened was expected. The old man died on 22 nd March 2010 after almost 5 months (leaving every body in the family in very relieved and satisfied ) without giving much trouble to any body. But it was acid test for all the family members. The younger son emerged as winner who served his father( the old man ) to the extant possible. His wife too followed her husband and did what ever little she can. But the elder son, his wife lost the battle without making any effort. And the daughters all that they could do was freuently visiting and seeing his father. Simply giving the sympathy and the demonstrative effect of emotion and attachment.
It is said that God takes care of all the persons in all the situations. Probably this was the the best solution from the God. Really the God is GREAT.

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