Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Transformation of the city

Monterey  is now Money Tray

While I was in San Francisco I visited Monterey town which is around 200 KMs from Oakland on Monterey bay in California. It has neat and clean roads and streets and quality restaurants having Spanish and Mexican and continental foods. The city earlier was having canning industry of fishes and other sea foods which has been stopped but canning street is still there and is very famous. It was earlier part of Mexico, now in US.
After closure of main industry, the city transformed in to a tourist spot. Clean beaches and roads, variety of foods and other tourists attraction viz Monterey bay aquarium, Cannery row, Fisherman’s wharf etc. are the identity of the city. The economy of the city is totally dependent on tourism which is doing good and that is the success story which we in India need to learn. We have so many places of historical importance which can attract a large number domestic and foreign tourists and can be game changer for employment generation and ultimately to our county’s economy.

Few photographs 

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